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What to Expect


  • Fall (August-November)

  • Spring (March-June)

  • Winter (Nov-March) - See Winter Programming

Practice and Games

  • 11-week program

  • Team training twice a week

  • Additional skills & Goalkeeper sessions each week

  • 6-8 Academy League games

  • 3 Festival style events/tournaments


Coaching Staff
Coaching staff is guided by the Technical Director and seasonal curriculum and training frameworks are provided to the staff. Coaches must have completed step one of the new U.S. Soccer Grassroots coaching module online and have the 7v7 in person module completed prior to or during the fall season in order to participate in the training and coaching of the players at matches.

Team Formation
In accordance with ISA rules, teams are restructured from the fall season to the spring season to ensure that our focus remains on the individual. At the Academy age all players in these age groups are treated as one pool of players and there is very little focus on 'which team you play for'. All teams are intended to be balanced and players will be moved (for competition) in the course of a season to achieve this goal.

9U-10U Academy

For Information On Joining now

The Academy Program
(2010-2011 Birth Year 2019-2020)

The 9U/10U SIE Academy program is phase three of our Long-Term Player Development Pathway; 'Learn to train' and acts a precursor and feeder to the SIE Select program. The Academy program is a critical stage in a players development as it provides players with weekly training by our professional coaching staff over the course of an entire season with weekend games/competition.


The intent behind offering two levels of play (Academy and Recreational; Junior Kicks) at 9U/10U is to provide players with the opportunity to play with and against players of similar ability and commitment and at a level where they will experience the most success and enjoyment.

The 2018-19 Academy program is open to any player (boys & girls born between 2009-2010) who have a desire to further develop their soccer skills and receive professional training. Special request for players playing up must be approved by the Technical Director. The Academy structure will follow the guidelines established by the Iowa Soccer Association.

Academy v Recreational - How to choose

The difference between participating in an Academy program or Recreational program lies in the level of investment, commitment and interest of the players and their families. To help parents decide which level of play is most appropriate for their child, listed below are the characteristics of typical players who would participate in an Academy Program. If your child displays at least half of the characteristics listed they are probably more suited to the Academy level of play. However, it should be noted that during a player’s soccer development they may move back and forth between Academy and Recreational play.

  • Demonstrates a solid technical foundation (control, dribbling, and shooting)

  • Physically stronger than most players within their age group

  • Athletically quicker than most players within their age group

  • High level of coordination and good agility

  • During games is aggressive in their attitude and approach to getting involved

  • During games tends to dominate the play

  • Demonstrates high level of passion and concentration during practices & games

  • Started to narrow down the number of extra-curricular activities they are involved in

  • Soccer is a high priority and they have a passion to play

  • Plays with a ball in their own time outside regular schedule of games & practices

  • 10U player who will try-out for the 11U select age group in the following year.

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