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How To Join?

If your son or daughter missed tryouts but would like to be considered for a team, then please email Technical Director of Coaching, Paul Dayrell at to inquire about opportunities and availability.

Sporting Iowa Tryouts


Each June in compliance with the Iowa Soccer Association rules' and policies we hold annual 'open' tryouts. The Tryout period is a defined window of time when all players from any club can freely try out at any club, including their existing club. Whether 'trying out' for a new club or your current club, all tryouts must be open and players can not be offered or assured of positions on next year's roster prior to the State Association official 'Bid Day' (see below). Tryouts are a time for players/families to explore their options without pressure from coaches, so they can make an informed decision that's in the best interest of their development.


The Tryout Process

Player's must pre-register on-line. Tryout Registration fee is $30. Player's can register the day of tryouts onsite for an onsites $35.

On the first day of tryouts each player will check in at the main office at the TBK Bank Complex, bringing all of the required paperwork outlined in the 'Tryout Registration' email.  Each player is given a tryout t-shirt with a number on the back so that the Sporting Professional Coaches can correctly identify each player. At the subsequent tryouts players need not check in but must wear their tryout shirts. Players must wear cleats, shin guards and bring a ball as well as a water bottle to each tryout.

During the tryouts, the professional coaching staff will evaluate all players, focusing on the four pillars of the game:

  1. Technical ability: passing, dribbling, shooting and first touch.

  2. Tactical ability: decision making, vision, awareness and positional sense.

  3. Physical attributes: Speed, agility, strength, endurance and power as it relates to soccer.

  4. Psychological: attitude, coach-ability, confidence and motivation.

Players will participate in many different game related activities which will allow the Sporting Professional Coaching Staff to observe and evaluate them.  The evaluation is for internal decision making purposes only and no scores or player 'rankings' will be kept or made available. The Technical Director's decision on all player placements is final.

All players/teams are led through a dynamic warm up as well as a short technical warm up. Further evaluations may be made through small sided games (4v4, 5v5 etc) and then extended “bigger” games (8v8, 9v9, 11v11 etc).  These various activities allow each player to showcase their talent and ability with a multitude of touches on the ball in different scenarios.  Goalkeepers will be included in every exercise and evaluated on the same components. Goalkeepers will have the opportunity to work with a goalkeeper coach during at least one of the tryouts.

Post Tryout Process; Bid Day
After tryouts conclude the Sporting Professional Coaching Staff will agree upon team rosters based on player abilities, skills, commitment level, preferences and overall evaluation. A ‘bid’ (roster spot offer) will then be emailed, posted or otherwise communicated to each player. It is absolutely prohibited for any club in Iowa to make an offer or confirm a roster spot before the official “Bid dates”. This is an Iowa Soccer Association rule and policy. Any coach or club pressuring you into making a decision prior to this date would not only be in violation of the rules but would also be showing you a profound lack of integrity and respect and their actions are tantamount to bullying.  I want families to make the right decision based on what is best for their development, whether that's with Sporting Iowa East or another club. Bid dates for 2018 are as follows; 

  • 11U-13U June 18, 2018. 

  • 14U-19U June 28, 2018.

Tryout Dates 2018-19 Season

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